In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.



Frequently Asked Questions


Young Adult Summer Retreat 2017

01. What is the cost of the program? – 
Our registration is all inclusive! Registration charge includes meals, transportation, and lodging for the duration of the program. A Quad occupancy is $190. A Double occupancy is $280.


02. How do I register for the program? – Visit the event website.


03. Where is the program being held?  – In Sha Allah, our program will be in Greensboro, North Carolina Holiday Inn Express Suites/Guilford Convention Center.


04. What about lodging? – All participants will lodge at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites /Guilford Convention Center.


05. Is there transportation to and from Piedmont Triad Int’l and Raleigh–Durham International Airport? Yes, all participants are encouraged to use either the Piedmont Airport or Raleigh–Durham International Airports as a mode of arrival and departure. Transportation will be provided at both airports.


06. Can I arrive a day before YASR commences and leave a date after?  You should plan to arrive the first day of YASR, Friday, June 30th, 2017 and depart Monday, July 3rd, 2017 when YASR has ended. We DO NOT accommodate anyone before registration opens. 


07. I plan on bringing my spouse, does he/she have to pay? Yes


08. I am unable to attend but I would like to make a donation or sponsor someone, how may I do that? Yes! Click Here to donate.


09. I’m not Nigerian, can I still attend? Yes! Although YASR was founded by Nigerian Muslims, we are excited to have a diverse group of individuals shares in our fellowship and knowledge.


10. How do room arrangements work? Do you help connect potential roommates to share a quad capacity room, thus share the cost? Or does a person who is attending alone just have to stay in a quad capacity room by himself? Unless you have someone you would like to room with, a roommate will be assigned to you. A quad is $190 each, per person for the 3 days of YASR. Please be sure to indicate your roommates in the registration form so we can accommodate them.


11. I have selected and paid for a quad room but I tried to change my room selection and the page wouldn’t allow me to. Is there another way I can pay and select a double room? Please go to to pay the difference. Once you’ve confirmed that payment has been received please email with your full name and email address used to make a payment. Once received, we will update you in our system


12. For the individuals coming alone, do you pair them with others since there isn’t a single occupancy room option?  Yes


13. My question is about registration rooms.Is the $190/280 per person? or is that what the two(or four) individuals splitting a room share amongst themselves?  Each individual must pay the registration fee. Fees are not shared for individuals in the room. Each individual must register and pay separately. 


14. Can I register for YASR on my phone? No. all YASR registration must be done on a personal computer, NOT a mobile device.


15. What is the cost of registration for those who are living in Greensboro who intend to commute daily to attend the 2017 YASR? Locals living in Greensboro are eligible for a commuter rate of $150 rate. Commuters will not join in the buffet breakfast and will not stay in the hotel. Commuters are still eligible to participate in all activities, events & programs and enjoy the same benefits as “full” participants.


16. I want to bring my child is there an age requirement? YES! If you are bringing a child/children, all children must be born on or after January 1, 2012. No exceptions. Babysitting will be available. Please be sure to note you are bringing children and if you require babysitting on your registration form.



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